Monday, December 17, 2012

Vietnam Golf Travel

Known as an outstanding luxury travel company in Southeast Asia, Exotic Voyages have tried to promote Vietnam Golf Tours to satisfy their high-end clients who are interested in this “luxurious” sport.

Since the establishment, the tour operator had an idea to create the best Golf tour although Vietnam at that time was just beginning with the new style of travel and named as the "Undiscovered Golf Destination of the Year" by the International Association of Golf Travel Operators (IAGTO), Vietnam travel news reported.
Seeing the great potential of Vietnam Golf Travel, Exotic Voyages always promote golf tours as one of their featured tours.

Duparc Dalat Golf Course

Vietnam now is not just the “Undiscovered Golf Destination of the Year”, it has just been awarded as the “Golf Destination of the year” in November by the organization. It was more than happy for those who are trying to bring Vietnam Golf vacations to the world like Exotic Voyages. So, why Vietnam has moved so quick on the Golf travel destination list? And what has this beautiful country got to offer golf lovers?

Duparc Dalat Golf Course

Golf is a sport that always encourages Golfers to explore and discover new lands, for that reason, they tend to look for new travel destinations with nice courses to satisfy their passion. With its fascinating history, ancient culture, superb climate, and now its offering of fantastic championship golf courses designed for the golfer on and off the course, Vietnam is not only the ideal destination for a couple and family holidays but also an appropriate land to combine playing golf.
Playing golf in Vietnam is truly something special. Beautiful and professional golf courses are now really common in Vietnam from North to South. You can find perfect courses every area you travel to with high standard service inclusion. Although, here it is certainly a case of quality over quantity courses!

Hole 12 - Danang Golf Course

Top 3 golf courses recommended by Exotic Voyages are Dalat Palace golf club, Danang Golf Club and Ocean Dunes Golf Club. To experience the immense and well-designed courses, travelers can tailor a tour through some highlights including Danang, PhanThiet and Dalat, which are home to the featured golf clubs. Dalat Palace Club is located 1,500 metres above sea level in the cooler central highlands at the city of Dalat with 18-hole golf course offer challenges for golfers of all levels a series of lakes, and nice designation.
While,Danang Golf Club is at Vietnam’s stunning Central Coast and amid a seaside landscape, when the golfers are happy on their golf courses, their wives and kids must be enjoying the amazing beaches and resorts of Danang. It’s similar with Ocean Dunes Golf Club in Phan Thiet. People know about Phan Thiet with exotic beaches, sand dunes, a variety of beach activities, and beautiful golf courses with the 9th hole named among world’s 500 best holes as well.
Vietnam is truly a paradise for those are looking for somewhere to satisfy their great passion with a special sport.

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