Sunday, February 24, 2013


Located a little slanted toward the west of Semicircle lake (district 7) and near Anh Sao bridge pier, Cham Charm castle is prominent with the architecture imitating majestic and splendid Ankor Wat temple.
The shade of splendid Cham Charm Castle is onSemicircle lake 
The first impression about the restaurant is the pure white color of a splendid castle that is prominent with 4-metre-high stairs going along two rows of trees. When the door closes, the space inside the restaurant is like the palace of a Cham pa King, especially the bricks that are alternated in the walls are covered by mysterious red light.
Furthermore, it also decorated with a range of stone column in My Son, terra-cotta idol, Linga statue, old relics, sculpture statue… Warm light of light system make every corner, every floor…mysterious, exquisite and luxurious.
Cham Charm has an area of 5,000 square meters, so it can hold 600 customers. The space of restaurant is divided into 3 areas. The upstairs is for customers to enjoy grill dishes in a large and romantic space. The ground-floor has many private rooms that are for VIPs who need a quiet space.
The restaurant is also known as the first cuisine gallery of Asia with more than 1,300 kinds of wine all over the world.
Let`s enjoy these nice pictures of splendid castle restaurant:

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