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If you plan to pay a visit to Phu Quoc – the largest and the most beautiful island in Vietnam in this summer, you should not miss 10 interesting activities below.

Phu Quoc island is listed as the spotlight of Southwest region tourism by Vietnam National Administration of Tourism. There will be many types of tourism here such as: adventure tourism, ecotourism, and relaxation tourism. Besides, the orentation of tourism development in Phu Quoc is to focus on ecotourism and marine ecology, along with MICE  - meetings and events.

Therefore, your journey to Phu Quoc will be more perfect if you discover this island with interesting activities below.

1. Relaxing at the largest resort in Phu Quoc
In Phu Quoc island, there are many famous and modern resorts. You should choose a resort lying on a white sandy beach. Two of the largest resorts in Phu Quoc are 4-star Chen Sea Resort & Spa Phu Quoc and 4-star Long Beach Resort.
Chen Sea Report & Spa is located in a tranquil bay, Ong Lang beach. Coming to the resort, tourists can enjoy a romantic outdoor dinner. However, the price for that dinner is quite expensive, it costs 5,567,000 VND/room /night.

Although Long Beach Resort is quite far from the centre, it is still an ideal place for relaxation. The resort lies on Bai Dai beach so it attracts a lot of travellers, especially foreign tourists. The price here is lower than that in Chen Sea Report. It costs 4,205,000 VND/room/night.
2. Enjoying a romantic dinner on Sao beach
Sao beach is the most beautiful beach in Phu Quoc. The beach is located in An Thoi town. The beach has a long white smooth sand that is more than 7 kilometers in length. It is considered as the cleanest beach in Phu Quoc.

3. Contemplating coral reefs
In Phu Quoc, An Thoi archipelago is the most suitable place for diving to see coral reefs. Especially, Coral reefs are one of the most biologically diverse ecosystems on earth. Diving to contemplate stunning coral reefs here is an unforgettable experience.

Moreover, Mong Tay and Doi Moi isles in the north of Phu Quoc island also have an abudant marine ecosystem. They are an ideal places for tourists who are keen on exploring the ocean.

4. Exploring the primeval forest and national park
Da Ngon ecological reserve, located in the lower section of streams of Ham Ninh mountain, is a very nice place for outdoor activities, mountaineering, exploring primeval forest and swimming in streams.

In addition, Phu Quoc National Park, located in the northeast of Phu Quoc, is still intact.

5. Visiting Phu Quoc Prison
Phu Quoc Prison is a relic that is 400 hectares in width. It was built by French colonialists in wartime.

Surrounding the prison, there are barbed wire fence with electric light system.

Exploring the relic, you will learn many things about Vietnam history.

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