Thursday, August 8, 2013

Attractive destinations in hot summer days

With cool and comfortable weather, lists here are worth and attractive destinations to refresh in hot summer days.
Quat Lam sea tourism
Quat Lam sea is located in Giao Thuyen district, Nam Dinh province with total area of 58 hectares, exploited fomally in 1999. Coming here, you will have a chance to set foot on Thinh Long beach, situated in Thinh Long town, Hai Hau district. Thinh Long is a stunning and amazing beach with rows of casuarina trees swaying in the wind. Tourists will be certainly surprised with the fine white beaches and really want to return.
Moc Chau prairie

Moc Chau prairie in Son La province is an attractive destination that appeals lots of local and international tourists. This place is famous for the love story of thriller Thai people – Yếm (Áo Yếm) story. Or Ban Van waterfall is a unique spot that attached to ancient residence history of Thai ethnic people in Muong Sang land (now Moc Chau).
Sapa in Lao Cai
Here, visitors will have the opportunity to excurse through red rose valley, Silver fall with an altitude of 1.900m, Golden stream. Besides, you can enjoy the majestic and grandeur of mountain and forest, visit Love waterfall – a symbol of Sapa. You also could climb on the Heaven Gate, Cloud Yard or even on Hoang Lien Son Mountain, tagged as the roof of Indochina. With four season in a day, Sapa is worth place to rest in hot summer days and suitable for those who like conquering the grandeur of nature.
Tam Dao
Tam Dao is ideal resort of North, situated in Mang Chi valley, Vinh Phuc, about 80 kilometers from Hanoi. With cool weather, Tam Dao, tagged as “town in cloud”, is good idea for refreshing in hot days.

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