Sunday, January 6, 2013

Intriguing seafood spring roll

Seafood spring roll is not too strange to everyone but i want to share how best to make intriguing dish of seafood spring rolls that my family would like.

Raw materials
Peeling shrimp, boiled crabs and use only its meat, blanched spuid with boiling water and pounded gingerpepper, mayonnaise sauce, salt, rice paper, fresh ice cream, 1-2 eggs stiring, cabbage, carrots, chopped onions.fried flour
How to do it
You mixed shrimp, chopped squid, crab meat in a big bowl.Cabbage, carrots, onions chopped and mixed them with shrimp, squid, crab.
Add little pepper and salt then mayonnaise and blend well.
How to wrap :
Put a spoon of processed ingredient on the surface of rice paper, then fold 2 sides into inside and roll. After having rolled, dip each spring roll in bow of eggs mixed with a little of fresh cream then roll with fried flour
How to fry:
With seafood spring rolls, because ingredient inside the spring rolls is well done so time for making it ripe is very quickly. You should keep fire strongly and fry quickly. when they are yellow, it's well-done.

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